The Names of Those Who Fought at Niagara, 1812

Found in the Papers of Loran Kanonsase Pyke, Akwesasne Life Chief and Clerk

Translation from Mohawk into English by Beatrice Lazore

Ratisennare ronaterione oniagara

The names of those who fought at Niagara

Wasakotisenni Wastonronon

It happened when they defeated them, the Americans

Sose Rowennaniron**

Joseph Strong Words or Strong Voice

Atonwa Teaiaiage**

Thomas He Crosses the Water

Aregsis Saionowahe***

Alexander Large Footprints

Watias Teasennontie**

Matthew His Name Stands or Respected Man

Sose Aronienens

Joseph Sky Keeps Falling Over

Aregsis Taioentagarere

Alexander Repeated Noise Coming Toward You

Sak Teioterogen

Jacob Hat with a Brim or Where the Road Forks

Rasar Anewario

Lazarre or Eleazer Good Turtle

Sagsarie Teotinatage

Francis Two Towns or Cities

Wise Tagariontie*

Michael or Mitchell It’s News Coming Toward You, Flying

Swasen Teosaragwente

George Flat Knife

Tier Karonianagwen*

Peter The Sky That Was Chosen

Gentisigaawi 1812

Here at this time, 1812

Wakiaton Tier Wanhiaienni

I wrote Peter Reserved Fruit

* recipient of military general service medal for battle of Chateauguay

** identified in 1829 Memorial of Isaac Leclair as participants in War of 1812

*** both of above