Cesare di Bonesana Beccaria once said, Happy is the nation without a history.  Oops! My bad!  I went and gave my nation a history.  While I’m busy wondering how on earth I will ever make this up to everyone, feel […]

Petitions of the Life Chiefs These transcripts were made from documents found in the collections of the Canada’s Department of Indian Affairs. They originate from the time when Canada was trying to bring elections to the Mohawk communities. The original […]

Illustration and Text by Darren Bonaparte Historic Mohawk longhouses were an engineering marvel.  The support posts that made up the infrastructure were never more than 4 inches in diameter.  Panels of elm bark were lashed to these interior posts, held […]

To you Atotarho, the Onondaga cousin Lords, I and the other Confederate Lords have entrusted the caretaking and the watching of the Five Nations Council Fire.